Author: Jade Goulding

Designer of interiors. Stylist for spaces and homes, food and products. Photo taker. Lover of my beautiful family. Creative life enthusiast.

Chocolate Banana Breakfast Loaf

So, I quite often make pancakes for breakfast, but in this Brisbane heat, I really did not want to stand over the stove today. So I thought I’d make my Chocolate pancake mixture into a loaf! (more…)

Epic Amazing Chocolate Fudge Salty Caramel Brownies (Gluten Free, Grain Free )

Hey guys, I’ve got another good one for you. It’s Saturday night, and you know, the party animal that I am, thought I’d do something wild and make brownies. (more…)

Choc Covered Nut Bars

So I’ve gotten into the bad habit of buying nut bars in a pack from the supermarket as an easy on-the-run snack. And lets face it, I probably still will at times, they are the least offensive of the snack bars in my opinion. But I thought I might at least try and make a healthier home made version. An dude, this is a winner!


Pickled Garlic

So, I just did this.


I had a few spare heads of garlic, because we get these food deliveries called Hello Fresh, and they give you a whole head every week.You can use it just like fresh garlic, but I remember eating pickled garlic straight out of a jar on a regular basis. It was just supermarket shelf stuff, so surely home made has to be better right?!

Now, as you know, I’m not one to be particular about ¬†following recipes, so I read a few and got a general idea.

This jar has
1.5 heads of garlic (such a pain to peel, hence only a small jar to start with)
1 piece of lemon rind
A few twigs of thyme
A few mustard seeds
A few peppercorns
A generous few twists of Himalayan salt
Topped up with white vinegar

I sterilized the jar, and I’ll leave it for a couple of weeks to see what turns out. ¬†I’m a bit excited! I always feel so accomplished putting something homemade into a jar!