folk·sy  (fks)

adj. folk·si·erfolk·si·est Informal

1. Simple and unpretentious in behavior.

2. Characterized by informality and affability: a friendly, folksy town.

3. Modest; low-key: folksy humor; a folksy style that masked a keen business mind.

Jade profileWelcome! I am Jade, a New Zealand girl at heart, but have made my home in Brisbane, Australia. I am an interior stylist/designer, and my husband is a craft beer expert. (He wouldn’t say that, but he is). Life with two toddlers and lots of interests and activity is FULL. So I’m always on the look out for ways to simplify, and keep our minds and bodies healthy so we can enjoy it all. 

We may appear a bit boganish with our dented Holden Commodore, love for rock and metal music and tattoos, but we really enjoy the good things life has to offer. We are passionate about growing businesses in our chosen fields, delicious and nutritious food and beverages, playing with our girls at the park, and laughing…at ourselves, as well as TV shows if we get a chance to watch some. This blog is really just about sharing good things, and telling stories about what I’ve learnt along the journey.  At the moment, it mostly seems to be paleo cooking, creative ventures, and encouragement and inspiration to pursue your hearts desires. You can also find me on facebook, and Instagram @thefolksylife for some sporadic posts.   



  1. I’m viewing your site from a mobile browser and it goes straight into the mobile theme. The name of the website unfortunately doesn’t show up; either turn off the mobile site option (your Suits theme automatically reformulates for mobile browsers), or turn the setting for the title of your site off, so it turns black and is readable again. Hope this helps 😊


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