Month: June 2011


Wow, I feel so blessed. I had amazing friends help me celebrate my 30th birthday on Saturday. It was a fun party, I heard lots of laughter, and people who haven’t seen each other for a while got to reconnect. That is the most satisfying aspect for me. And I have to say, that all of my gifts were delightful! Wine, chocolate, cute house things, jewellery, and a bottle of Hendricks Gin! You know how sometimes people really miss the mark with presents. I don’t know if its because they really don’t know the person, what they like or enjoy, or the gift giver is so unaware of etiquette and social norms, but I’ve experienced and heard of some pretty funny gifts. Like a Dad giving his daughter an old Dolly Parton CD (his own) wrapped in recycled wrapping paper, for her 21st! And power tools for daughters, I once received a ceramic purple poodle dog, all glittery and dressed in high heels. Who would think to create such an item?! Hilarious. I’d love to hear stories of strange gifts. Please share!


Party Planning Committee


I’m throwing a party. And I’m excited. I think the key ingredients for a successful party are good friends, delicious food and drinks, good music, and a fresh ambience created by jazzing up the house a bit with dinky decorations. The funnest part is doing it on a budget. Seeing what you can do for not much money is a creative challenge! I’ve op shopped for glassware, made bunting from an old book about stamps and some string, and will pick up some fresh flowers from the markets on the day! Stay tuned for the finale after Saturday’s knee’s up!

Vintage Vessels

Bunting made from old books and string!

Jazz things up with flowers!

Mmm Winter Cider all warm and delicious!

New things. Hopes & dreams.

This month, I turned 30. What better time to make entrance to the online world in a greater way.

I was trying to sleep last night, thoughts and ideas racing in my mind, and the title of this blog came to me. The Folksy Life. I like simplicity. I don’t profess to have mastered it, but I like it. I like understanding the original meaning of things. I like getting back to basics. I like honesty and I like simplicity.

So I’d like this creative project to be a collection of my favourite things for general living. Whether anyone follows it or not, I don’t really mind. I just want to pull my thoughts and ideas into one place, for my own reference, maybe to share with people, and hopefully encourage someone.

Thus… The Folksy Life is born.