Month: February 2013

The “Do what you love” series: Belinda McCulloch, film writer & director

In a flash of red hair, she will wow you with a quick, witty remark, or bless your heart with a piece of genuine encouragement. Her approach to world is open, loving, but very rarely will she be rattled. She has a strength that is comforting and consistent, and she is creative and calculated. She’s no ordinary Bea, and this week’s “Do what you love” is all about her.



Sweet Pumpkin Breakfast Frittata

This. This is probably the best recipe I’ve come up with.
I have to give credit for the original recipe inspiration thank you so much, foodie and the family but I’ve made some modifications…you need to give this a try. Especially if you need brekkie on the go.

Sweet pumpkin breakfast frittata

7 eggs
1 apple grated
2 ripe bananas
1/4 pumpkin roasted in coconut oil – chopped quite small should just take 20mins
1 tin coconut cream – if there is any water in your tin, leave it out. Just get that cream in there. Eg, my tin says its 75% coconut cream.
Splash of Maple syrup (optional)
Cinnamon & spices
2 tbsp coconut flour right at the end – i found this helps keep it together

Blend all ingredients except the apple in a food processor, and pour into a baking dish greased with coconut oil. Sprinkle grated apple on top. And then the crunchy almond topping. (See below). Bake for about 25-30 mins at 180 degrees.

Crunchy almond topping:
1 c almonds
Coconut oil
Splash of maple syrup

Chop up the almonds roughly, heat a pan nice and hot then put in oil
. put the almonds in and be sure to keep them moving so they don’t burn, this only takes a couple of minutes. Once they’re nice and toasty, splash some maple syrup over and stir around, it will sizzle and get all gooey. Sprinkle this on the bake once cooled, and cook the whole thing at 180/350 for about half an hour.



Optional time saving extras… Although this recipe is so quick!

Just throw the raw almonds in on top, so you don’t have to candy them..

Throw in a handful of sultanas as well!

You can eat this warm, or slice it up and put it in refrigerator for breakfast for the week.

Warning: it’s very delicious, but very filling! I learnt that the hard way 🙂

Paleo Apple Banana Pancakes

Easy breakfast Friday!
Well it’d probably be easier if I wasn’t trying to blog about it and manage my family at the same time. Lol.

This is generally why my posts are super quick and not as flash as other people’s. I just want to share the love of good food 🙂


2 apples grated
1 banana mashed
4 eggs
1/4 c coconut flour
Splashings of maple syrup & vanilla
I used a little almond milk, but I don’t think that’s necessary, I’d accidentally overflowed my cup of flour, so needed a bit of extra moisture.

Mix all the ingredients, cook in coconut oil, serve with a knob of butter and drippings of raw honey…delish!

You could also put some crushed walnuts, sultanas, cinnamon or seeds in! I always make extra and put them in the fridge because I find the coconut flour cooking goes good once it’s cold. It’s less crumbly.

Anyway have a great weekend! Exciting things coming next week 🙂