Easy Slow Cooked Chicken & Mushroom (paleo, GF)

Dinner. Sometimes, ain’t nobody got time for that. Thats why I love my slow cooker. Seriously, just biff a bunch of stuff in there and turn it on. Done. Here’s a super quick and tasty recipe for slow cooked chicken, which is delicious. 

I love using chicken thighs as a basis for slow cook meals, they have a good amount of fat in them, so you don’t have to add much liquid. Because I find that plug-in-the-wall type slow cookers aren’t very good at reducing liquid. So I try to use ingredients that have a bit of liquid in them, i.e mushrooms, chicken thighs etc. Here’s my latest little thing, this feeds our little family of 4, with some left over. But I don’t know how much you eat, so I’m not sure exactly how many serves it would be for you. I like to make a big lot so it stretches out for some lunches too.


Easy Slow Cooked Chicken & Mushroom (paleo, GF)

1kg chicken thighs
250g mushrooms sliced
2 leeks sliced
75g butter
1/2 c white wine or stock
salt and pepper
Ah… so just put all these things into a slow cooker, and I cooked on low for 6 hours. I’m not sure how your slow cooker works, so just do what you think is best. High for 4hrs works for me too. I was just out longer this particular day.

Serve this with rice, or cauliflower rice, or paleo tortillas or something yum like that. It’s really buttery and creamy and flavoursome. Dinner’s done!


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