Chocolate Mousse-cream

Sometimes, you just need something creamy and frozen and delicious, like ice cream for example. This recipe has all those qualities, is made from real ingredients, and is really easy. We try our best to live without eating numbers, and reduce our sugar and dairy intake, not eat grains all that paleo stuff. Sometimes though, you just need a treat. This is a hit with my husband, who LOVES ice-cream. The only ice-cream we usually buy is Lick!, which is a locally made product that doesn’t have any junk in it’s trunk. But we can’t always afford it, so I’ve got a recipe for a lil tub of this homemade version to keep in the freezer for hungry husbands. I would say it makes at least 10 serves, because it’s rich and creamy, you don’t need much. But on other days you might eat some for breakfast. Like I did today.

Chocolate Mousse-cream
Choc Mousse
250g good quality dark chocolate ( I ofen use Aldi chocolate, because its quite lovely, and well priced)
2 tbsp brown sugar
1 1/2 c good quality cream ( I use Maleny Dairies cream, which is a local and amazing product)
4 eggs
splash of vanilla

Melt your chocolate in a double boiler or makeshift thing. (I use a bowl in a pot of hot water. Pretty fancy!) Then,┬ábeat eggs and sugar with an electric beater until really thick and airy. Mix cream and melted chocolate together, you should get a lovely ganache type texture, then fold that into the egg mixture, trying to maintain as much airiness as possible. Sometimes, this just doesn’t work for me, and I just get the beaters back into it and mix that way. It’s a bit quicker, easier, and still turns out creamy and yummy! Put the mixture into a container and put in the freezer. Eat at your leisure.




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