I didn’t eat a pie. Thats pretty paleo isn’t it?

I’m not usually one to wholeheartedly dive into some kind of fad. Perhaps though, I have. In any case this “paleo” business is doing me a world of good, and its a pretty tasty journey. I just wanted to take a moment to explain.

I’ve been cooking pretty well ALL paleo meals. For myself anyway, the kids and husband have bits of non paleo eating. It is very difficult to limit what you feed a fussy 2 year old. She’s obsessed with plain pasta and olive oil, and sometimes we’ll get tinned peaches in there too. I’m working on the transition.

I have so many recipes and discoveries to share! But limited time to get them published. Stick around and I’ll get there eventually.

In the meantime, here is a bit of info about paleo, some of the discoveries I’ve made, and a link to a detailed explanation in case you’re thinking “what the blazes is paleo”.

My own simple interpretation of it is this:

– No grains
– Very limited sugar (including fruit)
– Limited carbohydrate (potatoes, legumes)
– Limited dairy products (a bit of cheese, full cream quality milk, and some butter)
– Loads of veges, salads, meat and eggs with spices, oils and flavours (we are going through 2 dozen a week at the moment! I think it might be time to get some chickens)
– Some DELICIOUS treats based mainly around nuts, almond meal, dried fruit, bananas, cocoa, coconut oil, cream and flour, honey, vanilla.

This is the paleo version of the food pyramid. The old food pyramid says we should eat mostly carbs. The western population has been pretty sick since they published* that food pyramid. Just saying.


*please note, I think that was in the 90’s. This lovely pyramid courtesy of Jurk Turtle

We try not to buy from big supermarkets, but rather local stores selling local produce. ESPECIALLY meat! Find a good butcher who can tell you where your meat comes from. We include sausages in our meals, so its much better to know they’re made of nice things. We did organic online deliveries for a while, which we so loved. But its just too expensive for a single income and studying with two kids family! If you are in Brisbane, I can highly recommend www.farmfreshorganics.com.au. They’re a family owned business who will go out of their way for their customers!

Some positive things I personally have found, is that extra fat on my arms and belly, is sliding off without too much effort in the exercise  department. (I’m working on how to incorporate that into my cyclone life.) I feel more clear headed, have more energy, and sugar cravings have basically disappeared.

My limited understanding is that your body starts to change the way it metabolises, and not having huge amounts of sugar/carbohydrate to deal with means that your insulin stays relatively even, giving better energy. PLEASE NOTE do your own research on that! I don’t really know. It’s just my intuition/memory of some articles and research I’d done.

Out of all the ‘healthy eating’ style of things I’ve tried, this makes the most sense to me, and has had the biggest impact on my general sense of wellbeing. I feel good, and I’m excited about the meals we make.
Please also note, that I do eat some ice-cream if I haven’t made my own (see a recipe here) and sometimes have a beer, or fish n chips. Actually, I don’t enjoy chips like I used to, they feel heavy and gluggy in my tummy nowadays…which makes it easier not to cheat! For me, my body isn’t craving calories because it’s getting good ones from what I’m eating, so I don’t have massive blowouts trying to stick to a ridiculous plan.

Basically, I’ve been eating bacon and eggs with some kind of veges for breakfast every morning, and losing weight. This has got to be a good thing. 🙂

Here are some links to great websites with LOADS of delicious recipes.




This is a very detailed look at paleo – Robb Wolf – What is the paleo diet

I didn’t mean to make this so long. I will write more about the types of snacks and easy foods that we have in the fridge very soon. Take care, and keep away from those pies!



  1. Mrs G. Just must say that as always you continue to excite and inspire me. You’ve been doing this since we first made friends all those years ago… Except now you’re inspiring me towards better things.. Thank you soooo much for the explanation. Keep it real. X


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