Vegan cooking

Date, Almond, Coconut & Banana Slice

So I tried something new and it turned out so delicious, I thought I better share! I love this because its takes about 30 seconds to make, has no sugar but is a yummy sweet treat. You paleontologists will love this!

Now, my style of cooking is pretty experimental, and I try to keep things as healthy as possible. The other thing about these type of “recipes” is that I sometimes don’t remember exactly how much I put in. Here’s a guide..

Banana date nut slice


2 c almond meal*
1 c dates
1 c desiccated coconut
3/4 c cashew nuts
1/2 – 3/4 c coconut oil
2 bananas
2 eggs

Chop dates and cashews and add them to almond meal and coconut in a bowl. In another bowl, mash up all your wet ingredients together – eggs, oil, banana and vanilla. Then make a well in the dry ingredients and mix!
Pour into a slice tin and cook for about 25 mins or so. Eat hot, cold or frozen!

*Please note… I never use pre made almond meal, I buy bulk almonds (from Aldi mostly) and blitz them in the food processor myself. It’s much cheaper and you get a wholemeal effect from the skin still being on, plus they aren’t blanched or anything. Win!


Healthy Christmas Rum Balls – a dairy free, gluten free Christmas treat!

This is a quick, healthy and super easy recipe for an alternative to regular rum balls. If you don’t eat dairy or gluten it can be hard to find a yummy treat on the Christmas table. Its also good if you don’t want the kids eating loads of sugar.

You need a food processor for this one.


(as always, these amounts should be played around with to suit your tastes 🙂

If you shop at Aldi, the quantities are easy… It’s just

500 g dates
200 g pecans or any nuts you like
3 tbsp extra virgin coconut oil (melted)
Splashes of vanilla
Splashes of rum (you could always use rum essence if you’re straight edge 😉
1/2 cup cocoa

The process really depends on your food processor, in mine, I chop dates and take them out to chop nuts, then mix them together with other ingredients.
Roll them into balls and cover with desiccated coconut, and they are best served cold. Yum!