Dr Libby’s TED talk about ‘Rushing Woman’s Syndrome’ – A must watch video.

Two people posted this video about the pace of life and health implications for women on my wall, separately on the same day. So I thought I better make myself a cup of tea and watch it. Boy, I’m glad I did. I didn’t want it to end.

Have a look at the video, and if you like it, there are a couple of other links there to explore. I certainly intend to.

Dr Libby Weaver – “Rushing Woman’s Syndrome”

There are some particular things that got me excited.

1. Dr Libby seems to be bang on the money with how I think nutrition and health works at a cellular and holistic level. (This line of thinking has been my research discovery and intuitively I feel like it makes sense)
2. I might have cried in the opening sentences because I literally had that conversation with my husband a few hours ago, and was seriously sick last year with many of the things she talks about. In fact, I can’t believe how much I related to this!
3. It is somewhat validating to know that I’m not the only crazy woman who a) gets super cranky/tired/overwhelmed and feels awful about it and b) believes that there is something more going on in our society that needs addressing.
4. She’s Australian, and married to a Kiwi. Yes. I love trans-tasman relationships.
5. She has such a nurturing and genuine way about her, it makes me want to be her friend. But I’m sure everyone wants to be her friend. 🙂

6. She advocates the eating of real food. I love food.

Sleep Advice

Dr Libby’s website


One comment

  1. thank you Debby for sharing! I lived so much of what she talked about and know many who do the same. I’m sharing the video so it can touch others. Thanks again for sharing!


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