Cheesy Sweet Potato & Bacon Hash

It’s been one of those weeks. You know those weeks, where you just can’t catch up? This post about blog templates describes me as “Australian food & lifestyle blogger”. I loved this so much! It makes me sound so fancy and as if I might have my life together! But can I tell you a bit of what my last week consisted of? Amongst both of us working and attending events and meetings etc for our respective business ventures, washing is everywhere, I’m talking 6 basket loads, there is sold furniture in the hallway waiting to be picked up, dirty floors, a half finished project to streamline our CDs is sprawled across the lounge, there was tension and tiffs, and my littlest girl started a new game of ‘mixing’ with the toilet brush and painting it everywhere, and also pooed all over her cot 4 times. We ate GF takeaway pizza, fish and chips, watched too many kids movies, and I don’t even think I cooked anything hot, and the girls basically ate cucumber and sausages at least once a day for the entire week. So don’t be disillusioned that because I write a blog, I have a lovely home and healthy delicious meals on the table all the time. My kids don’t even like my Sweet Pumpkin Breakfast Fritatta, one of them used it as a crayon to make pictures on the table.  I don’t worry about these things (anymore) it’s just how things roll sometimes. So today’s recipe is an attempt to get back on top of life a bit, and make something hot for dinner.


Cheesy Sweet Potato & Bacon Hash

2 medium sweet potatoes grated
1 brown onion
1 cup grated cheese
1 egg
4 rashers of bacon, chopped
50g butter chopped

Mix all these things up in a bowl. Press them into a slice tin, and cook for about 25 mins, or until it’s golden brown and has some crispy bits. You could serve this with some meat, like lamb chops or with a salad, or just on it’s own. I couldn’t even wait to eat it at dinner. I had one mouthful, and devoured it. It covers enough food groups to count as a meal, don’t you think?

Paleo Peeps… You could omit cheese, and use coconut oil instead of butter to make it more appropriately paleo, but it’s really delicious like this. 🙂

empty hash plate


One comment

  1. I’m going to cook it for dinner, sounds so good! As I tell my kids, if the house is a mess, it’s not important, but it’s essential to talk to the kids!


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