folksylife inspiration: How to find and do work that you love

This has some great thoughts about how to start the process, and what to examine if you’re looking for a more satisfying job or career.
The thing is, there are so many things you could do, and even if you can’t find one that you love, you could invent it yourself!

Folksylife inspiration: Stay hungry, stay foolish

Cancellation of a class today has given me a blissful opportunity to enjoy the library. I am sitting alone, surrounded by resources, books and knowledge, drawing and sketching (best homework ever!), and enjoying the quiet.

I decided to find a TED talk to listen to, and came across the famous Steve Jobs speech. You know, I’ve never actually listened to it. But with the language I use, the philosophy I believe, and attitude I try to take with life, you’d think I’d watched this video 25 times!

It’s amazing, inspiring, simple and devastating all at once. I cried, and am refreshed in my mission to enjoy every moment, encourage others to do what they love, and pursue doing great things for myself but most importantly my family.

What a legacy this man has left. Fearless and motivated, he has driven an everlasting change in the technology we know. Whether you’re a lover or a hater of the apple brand, this is undeniable.

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Steve Jobs Stanford speech

The Disciplined Pursuit of Less

The Disciplined Pursuit of Less

This article is so good. It is applicable in lots of areas of life, but I’m on the bandwagon of career motivation at the moment, so I found it great for that. It’s very business-y.

THE SUMMARY (in case you don’t want to read it) Capable people always take on too many things. Cull cull cull!

Stop complaining about what’s not there!

I’m setting myself a challenge this week.

The challenge is to stop complaining. Its not that I complain a lot, but I think if you let your guard down, your glasses get foggy, and you can get lazy in your gratitude.

We are in a time of having just had our second gorgeous baby, and not getting the desired amount of sleep. It’s very much a time that can be stressful, and your patience get short when you’re so tired. But I don’t want to wish it all away. My babies don’t stay babies for long, and I try to enjoy every moment.. even the 2 year old tantrums, and constant bodily fluid to deal with.

If you are always looking for the current time to end, you miss out on what this part of the journey holds for you. We get caught up in the amazing ‘destination’, and we miss the scenery on the way to the place we actually never ¬†get to.

We can often look at the gaps, the ‘glass half empty’, and what others have that we don’t. But a quick change of perspective can turn your day around. Look for the things that are making you happy, there’s always something to be grateful for!

Start blessing what’s in your hands at this time, and stop cursing for what you don’t even have!