Folksylife inspiration: Stay hungry, stay foolish

Cancellation of a class today has given me a blissful opportunity to enjoy the library. I am sitting alone, surrounded by resources, books and knowledge, drawing and sketching (best homework ever!), and enjoying the quiet.

I decided to find a TED talk to listen to, and came across the famous Steve Jobs speech. You know, I’ve never actually listened to it. But with the language I use, the philosophy I believe, and attitude I try to take with life, you’d think I’d watched this video 25 times!

It’s amazing, inspiring, simple and devastating all at once. I cried, and am refreshed in my mission to enjoy every moment, encourage others to do what they love, and pursue doing great things for myself but most importantly my family.

What a legacy this man has left. Fearless and motivated, he has driven an everlasting change in the technology we know. Whether you’re a lover or a hater of the apple brand, this is undeniable.

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Steve Jobs Stanford speech