Super Quick Lentil Summer Salad

I have been overwhelmed with a recent influx of new followers and likers on FB. Thanks so much! I actually feel like I need to pick up my game a little bit. So I’ve decided to dust off the DSLR and start taking some proper photos. The first are here today with a fast and fresh meal.

We just got back from a weekend away, and I had very little food to work with for dinner tonight, but managed to pull this together. Now, for all you strict paleo peeps, this is not strict paleo. I’m afraid that I will occasionally post some other type of food, I usually try to keep pretty healthy, and paleo is our general direction of eating. It’s not my style to be super strict about anything. It causes me too much stress. Because of this, you may notice that I use the word ‘chunk’ or ‘dash’ in my recipes. This just means you can take creative liberties with it, and mostly that I don’t have time to measure things precisely. So if you’re looking for a 5 minute healthy salad, this is a great recipe guideline.

Super Quick Lentil Summer Salad

Lentil Salad

Close up lentils


1 carrot
1 roma tomato
1 chunk of cucumber
1 tin of lentils
Feta cheese (Use what you like, I had a small 50g amount leftover)
1 lime
1 little bunch of coriander
1 spring onion
Olive oil
Sea salt

First rinse the lentils thoroughly and leave to drain. Chop all the veges and feta into really small pieces, probably about 5mm cubes for all those at home who like some specificity. Chop coriander and spring onion finely. Put all these things together in a bowl, squeeze the lime juice over, splashings of olive oil, season, and mix. Seriously tasty, and so quick.

Leave out the feta for a yummy vegan dish.
Add bacon for a yummy meaty dish.
Add seeds or nuts for more protein.
Go wild!


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