Interior Decoration – Easy and thrifty home ideas

My all time favourite magazine Real Living is having their readers competition. So I thought I’d enter a few photos. I didn’t have as much time as I’d like to sort out the rooms around my house, but did enough to create some beautiful spaces and get some snaps. They were mostly already like this, but I just added in a few of my favourite items and rearranged some things to look a bit stylish.

Most rooms in my house have a combination of something I’ve made, something new, something second hand/vintage style, and some kind of free or super bargain decorative piece. This type of style works well with the old Queenslander house style house we live in. Lots of wood and warm colours make a cosy home!

Loungeroom: The painting is one of mine, and I just grabbed some branches from the tree outside for a natural look with height. My hubby brought home from work the gorgeous wooden Scotch box with a map of Scotland cut out, and the cute wooden chair was from an auction.

Bedroom: We have a lovely 4 poster bed with netting, so I’ve gone with a romantic vintage look with roses, lace and pearls and vintage ads.

Entranceway: One of my favourite things is this interesting wooden shelf I got at an auction for like $10. I think its an old document sorting tray, but makes a really unique shoe rack! I found the piano seat under one of my old houses, and made both the storage box and coffee sack canvas myself.

Crafty shelf: I love love love having an eclectic array of storage vessels. They make a great display as well as being functional for storing bits and pieces. I create the chalkboard storage boxes myself, and have collected many little boxes, suitcases, tins and baskets along the way.


Easy Christmas decorations – paper snowflake chains

At my mums the other day, we discovered an old Paul doll. If you recall Barbies rival Sindy, you’ll remember her beau Paul. Well, the poor guy was mixed up in some of our old toys naked, with some vicious stab wounds to various parts of his body. I decided to make some paper clothes for him. The clothes didnt turn out that great, but what it reminded me and inspired me to do was make some paper snowflakes! I thought this would be a great idea for easy christmas decor, and I won’t have to spend a cent on this.

You’ll need
Vintage book pages (this is my current favourite thing to try an find uses for)

I cut large book pages lengthways, and then fold them into 4, cut some diamond and circles and whatever shapes you like, remember that to make a heart or arrow you cut half the shape in lengthways to get one. Like the trees I’ve done here.
Then I cut the piece down the middle again to make two skinnier ones, and tape them all together to make a string of pretty paper! You can adapt this however you like, and it’s great for kids if you they are of scissor using age!
Have fun!