Easy dinner

Easy dinners: Sausage, Tomato & Pumpkin with Quinoa

When I’m thinking about writing these recipes down to share, my main goal is to give you a guideline so that you can experiment and make things to your taste.
This is a common type dinner in my house and these items can all be substituted and mixed and matched. The idea is a kind of mix up of veges, protein and a carbohydrate if you want it. I like using quinoa, because it’s low carb and high protein, really nutritious and filling. It’s actually a seed did you know! You could also use lentils or pasta, or brown rice.


4 gourmet sausages
1/4 pumpkin
2 celery sticks
1 onion
1 tin tomatoes
3/4 cup quinoa grain (I use red and white mixed)
Chicken stock

Cook the quinoa in the chicken stock. Cover the grain with liquid and put on the stove.
Cook pumpkin in salted water until soft.
Cook sausages, then take them out and cut them up. Return to pan with celery and onion, cook a bit and then add the tomatoes, pumpkin, cooked quinoa and all the juices. Mix up a little and voila you have the easiest, really nutritious dinner!