Cabbage. It’s everybody’s friend.

Tonight,  I watched my kids eat their entire dinner, without even complaining. I felt so much joy, I just had to blog about it. Because it really is a rarity. (Both the blogging, and the complaint free dinner time.) It’s been a season of mania at our place. I’ve been trying to get a styling and design business happening, (New Henry Design) while hubby works full time and also is creating his own craft beer and selling it. So I think the kids feel it at times, and their rebellion is usually dinner time. But tonight was different.

My 3 year old requested cabbage for dinner. Yep, thats right. Requested it. And then her and her sister ate it all. I thought I might have taken it too far by chopping up green beans and mixing it in, but it all went down the hatch!

Now, the best thing is, that I spent $1.50 on half a cabbage at the local markets, and it’s been a featured guest star in a number of meals for us, but now, this economical and versatile vegetable can go so much further! I know the lowly cabbage has a bad reputation. Cabbage soup is the cover girl for Boring Eating magazine. But you know, it can be done well.  These are my 3 favourite ways to do cabbage:

1. Saute in the pan with some garlic and butter. This seems to be the favourite with the toddlers. Go figure.

2. Chopped finely and mixed with grated carrot and beetroot, some chopped spring onions/shallots, grated cheese and mayonnaise (also add seeds!). The four things I always have in the fridge is carrot, beetroot, cabbage and shallots. They’re cheap, and they go far when you make this. It’s my go to meal with a lamb chop or sausages. Or if we’ve run out of meat, just this.

3. Stuffed Cabbage Rolls. This is a tasty recipe. Greek Stuffed Cabbage Rolls

Any other ideas for cabbage, let us know!



  1. Sounds terrific Amanda, specially the way the girls like it. I might try it when the grand children come to stay. Thank you. my mother did a big pot with cabbage, mince, onion, veggies with a packet of chicken noodle soup and pineapple. She served it with rice. It was considered ‘modern’ in the 60 s!


  2. Slice it into wedges, lay an onion slice on top, wrap the whole thing with a slice of bacon, then bake until cabbage is soften. (We usually cover the pan with foil.) SO tasty!


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