Parmesan & ham baked cauliflower…Lazy lady’s paleo dinner.

I’ve got so much happening right now but still gotta eat! Starting study combined with paleo style eating has proved to be a good weight loss tool. I only take a few things like nuts, a boiled egg, salad to coffee is probably actually sustaining me. Please note…I do not profess to be a purist paleo. I’m giving it my best shot, which at the moment, is a hard line on no grains. Coffee will probably stay, chocolate sometimes sneaks in, and my husband brews beer…so…

Anyway..We are also moving house and I should be packing right now. So here’s a quick one…

Parmesan & ham baked cauliflower

Par boil quarter of a cauliflower. Chuck it in a tray with some chopped ham, a knob of butter, a sprinkle of Parmesan and dried herbs. Bake for 10 minutes to crisp the ham slightly and crunchify the Parmesan, voila! Dinner in 11 minutes!

Next time I’m going to try and find something that will make it more creamy…maybe a coconut & chicken version. Mmm.




  1. I love this idea. I think I could make an alfredo sauce to go over this (instead of just the butter). Oh joy! Thanks for this, and good luck with your move!


    1. Thanks! Moving is definitely not my favourite thing to do, but I like a new house to arrange. yes, I think something creamy would go really really well. I wanted to do that but pretty much couldn’t be bothered in amongst the packing! 🙂


  2. Thank you, this reminds me of one of the recipes my mom used to cook – you just turned it into a healthy version 🙂 I think I will prepare this for my husband for next weekend, plus the yummi apple dumplings for dessert from Tim’s recommended book (
    Do you have any favorite desserts you could share?


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