Spiced Pumpkin Chia Seed Pudding 

What started out with intentions of becoming pumpkin pie, has ended up being a most decadent, yet healthy, treat. It’s almost Halloween, so it seems right to be eating spice and pumpkin, despite it being 30 degree weather! This would make a great breakfast, dessert, leave it in the fridge and snack on it whenever you feel like it! 


400g tin of pears

400g cooked pumpkin

1 cup coconut cream

3 tbsp  rapadura sugar (or your preferred sweetener)

Mixed spice (to taste)

Vanilla (I use a good swig of vanilla, none of this 1 teaspoon nonsense)

1/4 cup chia seeds.

Blitz all of these things into a purée in the food processor. Remove into a bowl and stir in chia seeds. Let it set overnight for the best pudding consistency, or you can dig in straight away. Get it in your belly! Yum. 


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