Would you like some more friends? 5 reasons to stop talking negatively.

I really try to be aware of the things I say. I set out to do this a long time ago but it’s easy to let things slip at times. My 2 year old recently came out with ‘friggin’ in an exasperated attempt at getting a toy out of a box. I almost pulled her up, and then realised A. It was my fault in the first place. B: If I make a big deal about it, she’ll keep saying it. C. It could be a much worse word, which doesn’t get any airplay in our house.

This got me thinking, that I’m really glad we have a rule not to say mean things about people. Imagine if what came out of Little M’s mouth was something I’d said behind someones back, and she mentioned to their face! I bet this happens often to people.

This rule is relatively easy to keep, there are occasions where frustration or anger gets the better, but we are all human right? It is harder to extend it to everything in your life. Like, not speaking negative about ANYTHING. This is still a work in progress, this week, I’m aiming not to complain. About anything.

This was also inspired by some recent overheard conversations, and I’ve collated my best reminders as to why you should have a rule about how you talk. It can make a world of difference in your whole life.

1. Trust. Here’s a scenario. Lucy is telling me how annoying, awful and arrogant Mary is. I have to say, I don’t feel inclined to trust Lucy, despite her best efforts to be my friend. I’m thinking she’s most likely going to be saying the same about me as soon as I walk away.

2. It makes you ugly. No matter how good looking and stylish you might be, if nasty trash comes out of your mouth, your beauty is tainted. A kind and positive word makes you far more attractive. That goes for blokes too.

Note: This is only important if you wish to have some more genuine and deeper relationships in life. If you prefer to sail through life on looks alone, backstab away!

3. You are creating an atmosphere, and it’s not a very nice one. Your words create a tangible feeling in the air. Have you ever experienced when someone yells out some profanity in a public place, and everything kind of just stops? It creates a vibe. Work on creating some good vibes, and people will like hanging out with you.

4. What goes around comes around. Thats all.

5. If you’d like to see the world more positively, start seeing the world more positively.
Instead of looking at the bad in people, purposely try and see the good things. It takes practice.

Being aware of negative words coming from your mouth is your first triumph. Too many people have it permanently embedded, and don’t even realise they’re talking ‘glass half empty’ all the time. You wear a filter on your eyes, that has been created by your experiences, your perceptions, and your thinking. Yes, you might have had a rough time, but if you keep that filter on, you’ll continue to have a rough time.

Try and take a step outside yourself for a day. How do you view everyday situations? What are you thinking? What is coming out of your mouth?


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