It’s not pizza, it’s MIZZA!

I really had grander plans for my first post of 2013. You know, something all inspiring and motivating, its a new year and all that..but hey, you can’t really beat a good meal. My post of this on Facebook got the crowds demanding the recipe, so here’s what I did!

This is something I caught on a Nigella episode, and I just made from what I can remember. It was freakin delicious. I did find Nigella’s original recipe, have linked it below, but I haven’t read it.

Jades Mizza Recipe

500g organic/free range/good quality mince
2 eggs
Dried mixed herbs
A good handful of fresh chives chopped
Salt and pepper
1/3 cup of flour (this can be omitted or replaced with a GF flour, or breadcrumbs*)

Mix all these in a bowl with your hands. Dowse a cake tin with olive oil, and press the meat mixture down into it to make a base!

Fresh Roma tomatoes
Fresh basil

Lay sliced tomatoes, lovely basil leaves and mozzarella on top, cook in the oven at 180degrees for about 20min.

It’s good with a salad, is sooo quick and easy, and a great (relatively) carb free meal!

Nigella’s Meatzza Recipe


* New addition to this recipe – I actually tried a small steamed sweet potato in with this mixture instead of any kind of flour, and it worked pretty well. It does separate a bit, and perhaps thats because of more moisture. But it’s a definite paleo option now.


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